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Trying my hand at a little design….

December 3, 2012

I have been making templates for a really long time…..longer than most of you know. Since I took a BIG break in my digital scrapbooking career when I came back I have decided that I would try my hand at a little design. I am still learning and working on a LOT of trial and error in many of the elements and papers but I am having fun working on it all. This is my first try…..a little Christmas Kit based on some of the colors from the Misfit Toys from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The Misfit Toys are my favorites….so I had a little fun. Let me know what you think…..again keep in mind I am still learning…..and I appreciate any constructive criticism or suggestions you might have.

Here you go…..




Click on the image to download.

I am working on getting the elements to be the correct sizes for import to your layouts. That seems to have been the most difficult thing I have encountered.

Thanks for stopping by and checking it out. I would love to see any layouts using this freebie, link me up in the comments!

Until next time….



My Apoligies….Really

November 8, 2012



I have been totally neglectful of my blog over the last few months and I apologize to those of you who come and check my blog for news and freebies. I am working on getting together another freebie, it is going to take me a few more days to do that. I did want to give everyone a bit of an update on all that has been going on here. My life it seems has been a bit crazy. I had made a post a while back about our kitchen that we were remodeling and that we were getting close to finishing. Well, we did finish and I didn’t get back here to show photo’s, so I am going to do that now. I have been enjoying the new remodeled kitchen, although it has given us the bug to start working on some other parts of the house…..starting with the living room. Anyway, here are the before and after pic’s of the kitchen, I went from having what we called a 1 butt kitchen to having a well, my whole family can be in my kitchen at once now and I don’t feel cramped. SO NICE!!

Before…. excuse the mess….I was clearing everything out so they could start the destruction.




And after…


I LOVE this new set up!! We moved my kitchen to where my dining room used to be, and the dining room is now where the kitchen was. And no more bar…..yeah!!

Also, DS had decided during the time right after we finished this up that it was time to start loosing the first of his baby teeth. But he couldn’t just do one at a time, he lost 5 baby teeth in less than 3 weeks. And not to be out done by her brother, DD finally lost the tooth that has been loose for almost a year (with her braces it would get loose and then be fine). Now she has 3 more teeth loose and getting ready to come out. We thought that DS was going to be a Hockey Player for Halloween but many of the teeth started growing back in and he said it wouldn’t look right.

Here is DS sans his teeth….



And DD after she lost her tooth that was loose for a year…..



When the shuttle Atlantis finally made it’s last trip across country it made a stop near me. Before it landed it flew south quite a bit and I happened to be able to get somewhat close on the freeway and catch this photo as they made the turn to go back and land…..



The biggest thing that has kept us busy over the last few months has been DD’s new extra curricular activity. She has taken up Karate and REALLY LOVES it. She is with Al Garza’s Premier Martial Arts and we love this place. They have an AMAZING program. Master Garza has such a heart for teaching children and all his instructors are truly gifted in their instruction. Very soon after she started the program she was begging us to upgrade so that she could start with the competition team and begin sparring. Within two weeks of upgrading and starting with the competition team and sparring she was asked to compete at the next competition. We had 11 days at the time to get her ready. It was her first competition ever…..


She got Second in Kata…….



And Third in Sparring…

We were super excited!!! And so was she.

And two weeks later she competed again, this time as her Dad was running the Tough Mudder. Her Grammie and Papa got to be there to support her for this one, and…..


She got Third in Kata…….



And Third in Sparring….


The girl that she sparred against was 2x her height and easily 3x her weight. She held her own for a while but she was intimidated.

Okay, so I am hoping to have another freebie in the next few days, I am working on a little surprise but with all that has been going on it’s been a bit difficult to have time to work on. At this point I need to put reminders on my phone I think to come back and post….this way I don’t forget… memory is just well not what it used to be….lol.

Thanks for stopping by and checking in.


Until next time….

Are You Ready?? For Another Great Freebie??

August 26, 2012

If you answered yes, well then this is the post for you. I have been trying to work on getting new template freebies out to you all about every week. Now that the kiddo’s are going back into school I should have a little bit more time to put a few more freebies together, I hope. The kids do have a pretty greuling extra cirricular schedule this year so we will see.

Anyway, so here is the next freebie…


Download Here


Hope you are enjoying all the freebie templates. If you happen to do a layout with one of my templates please link me up in comments so I have a chance to see what you have done with them. Thanks so much!!

Until next time….

Another Template Freebie

August 19, 2012

I’m back again with another template freebie, hope you all enjoy this one as much as you have enjoyed the previous ones. If you haven’t already downloaded the previous templates, they will be available a few more days and I will begin to take the links down as to conserve space on my server.

Here is the new template freebie…

Sorry this link has expired

Again, I do hope you are enjoying the freebie templates I amd giving to you. Please let me know that you are enjoying them and I would LOVE for you to link me up in the comments to your gallery if you use one of my templates. I LOVE to see what others have done with it!!

Until next time…

It’s Been A While….and a New Freebie!!

July 29, 2012

It’s been a little bit since I last posted, I feel like I have fallen down on my job here. I really have had a LOT going on. In the past week and a half I had both my kids in camp at church which I also ran media for, you can check out what it was like by watching the video below…

Click for Video

The most exciting thing is that my kitchen which we have been remodeling for almost 2 and a half months is almost complete!! Only a few more things to complete and I will be cooking again in my kitchen….. I can’t wait!!! We have been holding off showing pictures of the process because we knew it would take a long time but I have been taking them and I will show all the before during and afters.

But, I couldn’t come back without a new little freebie for you all, if you decide to snag it up please leave me some love in the comments below so I will know to continue to offer these freebies. Without your feedback, I just don’t know if you all like these or are even using them. So here you go….

Sorry this link has expired

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you are enjoying the templates.

Until next time……

Another Template Freebie for you….

July 11, 2012

Hoping you enjoyed my first Template Freebie. I am enjoying creating and giving away these templates to you all. It has been so long since I have been involved with the digi-scrapbooking scene and I am enjoying my time back so far. Thank you to all that have welcomed me back with open arms, it’s so great to know it’s such a warm and open community.

So here is my next Template Freebie for you all….. hope you enjoy it as much as the first.

Sorry, link has expired. Download is no longer available. 82212

Thanks for visiting my page and I would LOVE to see layouts with my templates!! Link them up so I can check them out in the galleries you upload them to!

Have fun scrapping…..

Until next time….

Starting off with a little Freebie….

July 6, 2012

I’m so excited that I finished getting all my “ducks” in line as the saying goes so that I can at least bring you something small this afternoon. I am working hard to try and get something bigger together. Hopefully by early next week all that will be together but in my life my kids and my husband absolutely come first and we have a few planned activities over the next few days. I am looking forward to developing a new relationship with all you out in “Digi” Land.

So….to start off, I thought I would offer up a Simple little Template, when I was involved previously I enjoyed putting these together and giving them away for others to use although I didn’t get many chances to do so. I am hoping that I will get the chance to do many more freebies along the way. I hope you enjoy this…. I would love to see what you do with it.

Sorry Link has expired, Download no longer available. 82212

Enjoy your Weekend!!